EASO Stakeholder Session - Value Based Healthcare and obesity

EASO Policy Stakeholder Sessions are a chance to explore a policy topic of concern to our community in from a range of perspectives and see where we can make a difference.

Contact EASO Policy Lead Jacqueline Bowman-Busato for further information: jbowman@easo.org

Wednesday 21 September 2022, 15:00 – 16:30 CET


Jacqueline Bowman Busato, Policy Lead, EASO and Professor Volkan Yumuk, President Elect, EASO

Joining the conversation:

Michele Cecchini, Head of Public Health, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Giovanni Gorgoni, CEO of AReSS Puglia, and Chair EUREGHA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), vice president of Italian network NISAN (health clinical costing) and professor of Public Management at Bari LUM University, Italy

Prof. Dr. Simten Malhan, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey

Euan Woodward, Executive Director, EASO

Obesity prevalence alone costs 7% of GDP on average in OECD Member countries. This is not taking into account the 230+ medical complications of obesity or the broader societal costs.

Policymakers at Global, European, national, and territorial levels have been investigating innovative financing mechanisms for health.

Could Value Based Healthcare be the right way forward to addressing financing for better health outcomes for people living with obesity? This will be up for discussion around the Red Table for our upcoming EASO Policy Stakeholder Session.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • What is the concept of Value Based Healthcare (VBHC)? And why should it matter to obesity policy advocates?
  • What are the barriers we need to address?
  • From theory to practice: How can the concept of VBHC be leveraged at territorial, national and transnational levels?
  • How can these concepts be useful for policymakers?

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Michele Cecchini

Michele Cecchini

Michele Cecchini is Head of Public Health, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Michele’s research interests are focused on the evaluation and prioritization of policies that affect the health of people. He is also the editor of publications on public health, such as the OECD’s flagship publication on obesity.

Michele is an adjunct professor at the University of Siena’s School of Public Health. He has also served as a consultant to various international agencies and governments. These include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the World Bank. Michele is also a medical doctor who specializes in public health and holds a PhD from Imperial College London and a master’s degree in economics from London School of Economics.

Giovanni Gorgoni

Giovanni Gorgoni

Giovanni Gorgoni is the CEO of AReSS Puglia (regional strategic agency) and the President of EUREGHA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities).

Giovanni is also the treasurer of EuroHealthNet and a University Professor of Public Management at Bari LUM University in Italy. Previously, he was Director of Regional Department of Health and of two local health companies in Puglia. Prior to this, he was a financial and operational director working in the health sector between Rome and Milan. He is interested in value-based healthcare, integrated & connected care, care intelligence, digital health, and healthcare operations management.

Professor Simten Malhan

Prof. Simten Malhan

Prof. Malhan is the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and a faculty member of the Department of Healthcare Management at Başkent University. She is also a member of the SIMER Research Development and Health Economics and Technology in Ankara.

Prof. Malhan is also a consultant and has worked with many national and international companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, helping them carry out 106 health economics and reimbursement modelling studies. She also took part in the Hospital Management Modernization project for the World Bank in Kazakhstan at Semey Medical University hospitals and served as the consultant of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye Pharmaceutical Council. In 2021, she became a member representative of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye Health Tourism Council.