The New Investigators United (NIU) Best Thesis Award aims to recognise new researchers and their contribution to the obesity field. New and younger scientists are encouraged to apply for the award to gain recognition for their thesis at an international level.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 26 January 2020 – late applications will NOT be considered.  Results will be announced in March 2020 – all applicants will be contacted by email to announce the NIU Board decision.

To be eligible for the NIU Best Thesis Award you must:

  • Be nearly completing or have completed your PhD thesis
  • Have carried out the majority of work in Europe (although a proportion of work may have been performed outside of Europe)
  • Be a member of an EASO affiliated national obesity association 

The NIU Best Thesis Award finalists will be invited to present their research during the NIU session at ECO-ICO2020, and will be offered complimentary registration to do so.  The NIU Best Thesis Award Winner will be judged and announced during the session.  The winner will receive an award certificate and a €500 cash prize.

Guidance for your application

Within your application you should provide a short description outlining the work that was covered in your thesis, highlight any publications related to your thesis that you have been an author of and highlight how your work has contributed to the field of obesity. The originality of the work and the contribution to science will be considered as part of the application.

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