Four EASO New Investigators Awards will be presented at ECO2021 – in Basic Science, Clinical Research, Public Health and Childhood Obesity Research.

The New Investigator Awards recognise ‘rising stars’ in the field of obesity through their contributions to these four topic areas, and are highly regarded throughout the scientific community.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 28 February 2021 – late applications will NOT be considered.  Award Winners will be announced in mid March 2021 – all applicants will be contacted by email to announce the EASO Executive Committee decision.

To be eligible for the New Investigator Awards you must:

  • Have received a PhD within the past five years or MD within the past eight years, and;
  • Have carried out the majority of work in Europe (although a proportion of work may have been performed outside of Europe)
  • Be a member of an EASO affiliated national obesity association. List of EASO Member Associations
  • Submit an abstract to ECO2021 (this will form part of the assessment)

Award winners will be invited to present their research in a 10 minute lecture during the Plenary Awards Session of ECO2021.

Award applicants MUST agree to submit a relevant review paper to Obesity Facts, the official journal of EASO, within 3 months of ECO2021.

Guidance for your application

Within your application you should highlight your top publications (up to five) for which you have been the first author, provide a short description outlining your work, and highlight how your work has contributed to the field of obesity. The originality of the work and the contribution to science will be considered as part of the application.  Please give details of the number of oral presentations at national and international level that you have given and include a list of awards and prizes obtained. Please also include a list of additional publications (i.e. not including your top publications noted above) that are related to obesity that you may feel strengthen your application and highlight any other significant achievements to date.

Please note: You DO NOT need to be nominated for these awards.  EASO encourages all New Investigators to apply.

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