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Dragan Micic (Serbia)

Dr Dragan Micic

Dr Dragan Micic

Dr Dragan Micic attended the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Belgrade obtaining the MD in 1974 and the PhD in 1981 with a thesis on dynamic response of prolactin, GH and cortisol in insulin induced hypoglycemia in obese subjects. He started as a resident at the Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Diseases of Metabolism, Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade in 1976 where at present he works as a Head of Center for Obesity. From 1996 he is Professor of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. He is at the moment the Vice Dean of the Faculty for Postgraduate Studies and the Chief of Postgraduate Studies in Endocrinology. Prof Dragan Micic spent his research activities at the University Clinic in Ulm (1981) and his clinical activities at St Bartholomews Hospital, London (1986/1988), Middlesex Hospital, London (1987/1988),  Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, University of Harvard,  and Joslin Institute of Diabetes, Boston, (1988), Steno Diabetes Center, Gentofe (1997) and Aker Univesity Center (Aker Bariatric Center), Oslo (2011). In 1994 he finished First EFES Postgraduate Clinical Endocrinology Course in  Spain.

In 1998 he became a Member of New York Academy of Sciences and in 2003  a Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  In June 2011 Professor Micic was elected as a member of Spanish Clinical Research Network (CAIBER).

Professor Micic serves as Editor in Chief : „Clinical Endocrinology- Case Reports“; Editor in Chief : „ Acta Clinica“ (Belgrade) and as a member  of Editorial Board for “ Medical Investigation” , Belgrade, „ Acta Physiologica and  Pharmacologica“, Belgrade, „Obesity and Metabolism“ ( Editrice Curtis, Milano), „Ozirenije i metabolizam“ (Moscow),  „Romanian Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders“ ( Bucarest), and as Associated  Editor in: „European Journal of Obesity „ ( Karger, Basel).

Professor Micic is a member of EASD, ENEA, ECE, IDF, ADA, EASO, IASO, Obesity Management Task Force, Balkan Obesity Network and Serbian Medical Association. Professor Micic became SCOPE Fellow Founder in 2004 and currently is a President of Serbian Association for the Study of Obesity and National coordinator of the expert group for obesity at the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia.

Prof Micic served as a head of  projects supported by Ministry of Sciences of Serbia devoted to : Interaction of insulin and counterregulatory hormones in endocrine disordersUse of new GH secretagogues in endocrine diseases; Endocrine regulatory mechanisms in metabolic ilness; Investigation of endocrine regulatory mechanisms, markers of systemic inflammation and cardiovascular risk factors in metabolic ilnesses and participated in international reserach projects : Neuroendocrine control of growth hormone (Yugoslav- Spanish project); Investigation of insulin resistance in PCOS (Yugoslav- English project) and Balkan group for obesity (Yugoslav- Greek- Turkish project).

Professor Micic published 121 papers in international and 120 papers in national journal and 85 chapters in national books.

Professor Dragan Micic
Head, Center for Obesity
Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Diseases of Metabolism
Clinical Center of Serbia
Dr Subotica 13
11000 Belgrade

Tel:  381 11 2 656 527
Fax:  381 11 2 685 357
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