Prevention & Public Health (PTF)

Members of the EASO Prevention and Public Health Task Force:

  • Lauren Lissner (Sweden) – Co-Chair
  • Tommy Visscher (The Netherlands) – Co-Chair
  • Maira Bes-Rastrollo (Spain)
  • Caroline Bollars (Denmark)
  • Margherita Caroli (Italy)
  • Peter Kopelman (UK)
  • Marie Kunesova (Czech Republic)
  • Mariaana Lahti-Koski (Finland)
  • Dana Mullerova (Czech Republic)
  • Anita Rieder (Austria)
  • Aila Rissanen (Finland)
  • Jaap Seidell (The Netherlands)


  • To create a network of public health experts and epidemiologists representing the national associations for the study of obesity in Europe
  • To serve as a European expert group for the European Union, the WHO regional office for Europe and other professional organizations
  • To improve the epidemiological perspective on obesity in Europe
  • To provide a reference for activities related to obesity prevention
  • To organize meetings and symposia
  • To write reports/articles related to obesity prevention and public health aspects
  • To stimulate European research into effective obesity prevention strategies

Contact Lauren Lissner or Tommy Visscher for further information.

Further Information

The EASO PPHTF organised a ICO2010 satellite meeting entitled ‘Sociocultural, behavioral and economic factors in obesity prevention’.  A report of the meeting can be viewed here.