Task Forces

EASO’s Task Forces, covering Childhood Obesity (COTF), Obesity Management (OMTF) and Prevention and Public Health (PTF), are now very active.

Task Force Activities

  •  Educational Courses
  •  Symposia and Satellite Meetings
  •  EU/WHO Projects
  •  Management Guidelines
  •  Centres of Excellence Accreditation Programmes
  •  Scientific Networking Programmes

Task Forces activities reflect the goals of EASO:

  • Enhancing understanding and treatment of obesity across Europe
  • Improving the quality of obesity education in Europe
  • Developing a coherent approach to obesity management throughout Europe
  • Forging European and global links between individuals and organisations concerned with the study of obesity
  • Connecting active researchers from diverse disciplines who contribute to the development of a European perspective on obesity
  • Providing optimal input at the international level from this European perspective

Task Force Information