Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity (HSSO)

President: Dr Eszter Halmy

Address: Boroka str. 9.
1025 Budapest

Tel:  +36209292472
Fax:   +36-28404010
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The 5th CECON meeting took place in Budapest in October 2015. 

The 10th National Congress, taking place on 4th and 5th March 2010, is the 50th scientific organization /conference or congress/ in the Hungarian Society’s life from 1992. Visit the meeting website for further information.

The 2nd CECON (Central European Congress on Obesity) took place in Budapest, Hungary from 1st to 3rd October 2009. See the congress supplement for further information.

Click Here to find out more about HSSO 2009/2010 Obesity programmes taking place in Hungary.

The 15th European Congress on Obesity – ECO 2007- took place in Budapest, Hungary. April 22-25 2007. Proceedings from the congress can be downloaded from the ECO section of this website.