Guidelines & Publications

EASO Guidelines

2003: Report on current status and perspectives in obesity management

2004: Management of Obesity in Adults: Project for European Primary Care

2007: Inter-disciplinary European Guidelines on Surgery of Severe (morbid) Obesity

2008: Management of Obesity in Adults: European Clinical Practice Guidelines

2010: Evaluation of the Overweight/Obese Child – Practical Tips for the Primary Health Care Provider

2011: Practical Guide for the Parents of Overweight Children

2012: Joint statement of the European Association for the Study of Obesity and the European Society of Hypertension: obesity and difficult to treat arterial hypertension

2012: Prevalence, Pathophysiology, Health Consequences and Treatment Options of Obesity in the Elderly: A Guideline

2012: European Obesity Research Conference: Executive Summary and Recommendations

2013: SSH Contribution to Tackling Obesity: Workshop Report

2013: Obesity: The Gateway to Ill Health – an EASO Position Statement on a Rising Public Health, Clinical and Scientific Challenge in Europe

2013: EASO IFSO-EC Guidelines on Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

2013: Monitoring the Obesity Epidemic into the 21st Century – Weighing the Evidence

2014: The Ethics of Childhood Obesity Treatment – from the Childhood Obesity Task Force (COTF) of European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)

2014: An EASO Position Statement on Multidisciplinary Obesity Management in Adults

2014: Beyond BMI – Phenotyping the Obesities

2014: Need for a Paradigm Shift in Adult Overweight and Obesity Management – an EASO Position Statement on a Pressing public Health, Clinical and Scientific Challenge in Europe

NICE Guidance and Resources

Title Link Type Date
Obesity Clinical Guideline 12/2006
Physical activity and the environment Public Health Guidance 01/2008
Osteoarthritis Clinical Guideline 02/2008
Maternal and child nutrition Public Health Guidance 03/2008
Diabetes in pregnancy Clinical Guideline 03/2008
Lipid modification Clinical Guideline 05/2008
Promoting physical activity in the workplace Public Health Guidance 05/2008
Promoting physical activity for children and young people Public Health Guidance 01/2009
Type 2 diabetes: The management of type 2 diabetes Clinical Guideline 05/2009
Venous thromboembolism – reducing the risk Clinical Guideline 01/2010
Prevention of cardiovascular disease Public Health Guidance 06/2010
Weight management before, during and after pregnancy Public Health Guidance 07/2010
Preventing type 2 diabetes – population and community interventions Public Health Guidance 05/2011
Hypertension Clinical Guideline 08/2011
Diabetes (type 2) – exenatide (prolonged release) Technology Appraisal 02/2012
Preventing type 2 diabetes – risk identification and interventions Public Health Guidance 07/2012
Obesity: working with local communities Public Health Guidance 11/2012
Laparoscopic gastric plication for the treatment of severe obesity Interventional Procedure 11/2012
Walking and cycling Public Health Guidance 11/2012



Obesity: working with local communities:



Obesity Facts – The Official Journal of EASO


OBESITY FACTS proudly celebrates the publication of its 5th volume in 2012! The journal has firmly established itself as an important scientific publication dealing with all areas of obesity research. The Impact Factor 2011 of OBESITY FACTS is now 1.856.

Obesity Factsis an interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of adiposity. The publication is highly important for scientists of various subspecialties and physicians from both clinical and medical practice dealing with the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention of adiposity. All of the submitted scientific papers are being peer-reviewed, and the editors carefully select papers to present only the most recent findings in clinical practice and research.

Obesity Factsis listed in Medline, Science Citation Index Expanded/Scisearch®, Current Contents®/Clinical Medicine, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.

To further advance Obesity Facts the journal will proceed as an open access journal from 2013 on. All articles will be freely available on the journal’s homepage ( thus attracting more attention and generating more citations.

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We would like to call your attention to a publication that might be of interest for you. In August 2012 the journalVerhaltenstherapie (Behaviour Therapy) released a special issue dedicated solely to the topic of eating disorders. We are glad to announce that in this issue the English version of the three review articles plus the discussion on bariatric surgery and the interview are freely available online.

The following links lead directly to the respective articles:

Review Articles

Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders: A Systematic and Practical Review
Hilbert, A.; Brähler, B.

Self-Regulation in Eating Disorders and Obesity – Implications for Treatment
Fischer, S.; Munsch, S.

Shape and Weight Concerns in Middle-Aged Women and the Relationship with Negative Affect and Education
Drobnjak, S.; Ehlert, U.

Monitoring the Obesity Epidemic into the 21st Century – Weighing the Evidence
Lauren Lissner, Tommy L.S. Visscher, Aila Rissanen, Berit L. Heitmann


Could Surgery Have a Better Long-Term Effect on Psychopathology Than Evidence-Based Psychotherapy? Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery in the Treatment of Obesity
De Zwaan, M.


The Role of Cognitive Factors in the Development and Maintenance of Eating Disorders – the Concept of Thought Shape Fusion.
An Interview with Jennifer S. Coelho


Reliable and relevant literature on obesity to support quality care is now only a mouse click away! The Online Best Evidence Service In Tackling Obesity Plus (OBESITY+) is an exciting  knowledge tool for health providers with an interest in obesity. It’s based on the innovative McMaster Online Rating of Evidence (MORE) service, as well as the latest research on information retrieval conducted at the Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) at McMaster University.   OBESITY+ provides colleagues with the latest, best and most relevant evidence for their clinical practice on the causes, course, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of obesity and its related metabolic and mechanical complications.

OBESITY+ is accessible via (note that the site requires you to join the service, with a user name and password).  EASO is grateful to the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) for allowing us to share this resource.