COMs Exchange Programme

Obesity is recognised as one of Europe’s priority health challenges, however specialised obesity services are not widely available and obesity care can therefore vary enormously across European regions. The EASO Exchange and Mentoring Programme provides a solution by supporting the establishment of centres that improve access to and delivery of care.

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  • The Centre for Obesity Management (COMs) Exchange and Mentoring Programme will provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and tools required to establish and run new multidisciplinary treatment centres
  • Candidates will learn about COMs structures, processes and set-up procedures by visiting a COMs Centre to observe and explore best practices
  • Ongoing mentoring will help new centres to become accredited members of the EASO COMs network

Site Visits

  • Candidates will visit an accredited COMs host site for 3-5 days
  • All costs including travel and accommodation will be covered by EASO
  • Candidates will spend time in each department to learn how they function, how teams are developed and what equipment and processes are required
  • Each site visit will allocate significant time for discussion and networking
  • Candidates will be mentored by host COMs after a site visit
  • Mentoring is delivered by a network of European EASO COMs that are willing to share practices and expertise
  • Candidates will be matched with host centres that most closely reflect their national health systems and language capabilities

Selection Process

  • Candidates are selected through an application process. Registered health professionals and health care professionals may apply
  • Candidates must show a clear pathway to establishing an obesity treatment centre or service as part of their application
  • Candidates will be recruited firstly from European countries (in special circumstances candidates from other regions will be considered)
  • Countries with the greatest need for support from EASO will be prioritised
  • Candidates can request preferred host centres from the COMs database, but matching will be managed by EASO

Who Should Apply?

The COMs network includes university, public and private clinics. The exchange programme is open to Health Care Professionals with an expertise in obesity management, who are seeking training in the practical aspects of providing obesity care. Candidates will be recruited via:

  • EASO Member Societies
  • European and National Partner
  • ECO Delegates
  • Train the Trainer Alumni
  • New Investigators United Alumni

EASO Objectives

The COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme contributes to EASO’s charitable objectives:

  • To establish obesity as an urgent and relevant priority to health and wellbeing
  • To develop evolving evidence-based approaches for preventing and treating obesity across the lifespan
  • To promote effective solutions through research, education and policy

How to Apply

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Each site visit will last between 3 and 5 days and will depend on the agreement between the host COM, EASO and the matched candidate. As part of the application process, candidates must submit details of their background and obesity expertise, as well as information on their proposed pathway to COMs accreditation, which will be updated as part of the site visit reports.

When to apply

The application process is open and ongoing. Applications will be evaluated throughout the year by the EASO Obesity Management Task Force (OMTF). Please therefore submit your application as soon as it is ready.

Exchange Programme Management

Lucy Knight
European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)

EASO Secretariat
Level 2
8 Waldegrave Road
Middlesex TW11 8GT

[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 3751 7967

Application Form

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Supported by

The EASO COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Novo Nordisk