EASO Award and Travel Grant Winners – 2008

Presented during the 16th ECO in Geneva:

  • Friedrich Wassermann Award– Paul Trayhurn (UK)
  • New Investigator Award for Basic Science – Miguel Lopez (Spain)
  • New Investigator Award for Clinical Science – Carel Le Roux (UK)
  • New Investigators United Best Thesis Award – Salome Scholtens (Netherlands)

Travel Grants

(supported through an educational grant from sanofi-aventis)

  • Sonya Vasileva Galcheva (Bulgaria)
  • Magdalena Szopa (Poland)
  • Theodora Svetoslavova Handjieva-Darlenska (Bulgaria)
  • Rüya D. Kocalevent (Germany)
  • Ana Crujeiras Martínez (Spain)

ECO2008 Poster Prize Winners:

Track 1: From Cells to Whole Body Physiology

T1:PS.08: Malavazos AE, et al

T1:PS.33: Wang B, et al

Track 2: Clinical Management

T2:PS.27: Sculati M., et al

T2:PS.41: Boniface, M, et al

Track 3: Metabolic Syndrome

T3:PS.02: Wu, M, et al

T3:PS.06: Giannetti M., et al

Track 4: Behavioural change and Patient Education

T4:PS.09: Lemmens SGT, et al

T4:PS.08: Hartmann, A, et al

Track 5: Prevention and Public Health

T5:PS.04: Busetto L,et al

T5:PS.12: Mustelin, L, et al