EASO Award and Travel Grant Winners – 2007

Presented during the 15th ECO in Budapest:

  • New Investigator Award for Basic Science – Cédric Moro (France)
  • New Investigator Award for Clinical Science – Vanessa van Harmelen (Netherlands)
  • New Investigators United Best oral presentation – Nina Karnehed (Sweden)

Travel Grants

(supported through an educational grant from sanofi-aventis)

  • Basic Science – Barbara Ukropcova (Slovakia) and Joan Tordjman (France)
  • Clinical Science – Anette Due (Denmark) and Irena Hainerová (Czech Republic)
  • Allied Health Professional – Summer Hawkins (UK)

ECO2007 Poster Prize Winners:

Track 1: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

T1:PO.83: Krzystek-Korpacka et al

T1: PO.128: Jelenik et al

Track 2: Integrated Physiological Systems

T2:PO.70: Franzin et al

T2:PO.97: Oliveira-Maia et al

Track 3: Disease and Treatment

T3:PO.123: Gayathri et al

T3:PO.245: Lazarevic et al

Track 4: Public Health and Prevention

T4:PO.88: Hester et al

T4:PO.154: Berentzen et al