EASO Awards for Scientific Excellence

ECO2017, EASO’s 24th European Congress on Obesity, will take place in Porto, Portugal from 17-20 May 2017. The following EASO Awards will be presented at ECO2017, with the deadline for receipt of applications 8 January 2017.

  • EASO Friedrich Wassermann Award
  • New Investigator Awards in Basic Science; Clinical Research; Public Health; and Childhood Obesity Research
  • New Investigators United Best Thesis Award
  • EASO Travel Grants

All interested parties, and especially New Investigators, are encouraged to apply for these awards. Please note that you can apply for several awards at one time – for example the New Investigator Award, the New Investigators United Best Thesis Award and the EASO Travel Grant, using a single form. Further instructions and the 2017 EASO Awards Application Form is available in MS Word Format.